Hi! My name is

Sharonda Grandberry

Plus Size Fashionista

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Fashion in my opinion is art. We are all empty canvas waiting to be painted with the right outfit. I ABSOLUTELY love fashion! My goal is to inspire, motivate, and empower women through fashion. I want to create fashion experiences for women especially Full Figured women causing them to love and embrace everything about themselves.


I came up with the concept Monday Outfit Mayhem aka M.O.M as a way to express my love for fashion.The journey has not been an easy one but so rewarding in regards to inspiring others and promoting self love. We live in a society were rejection has become the norm. Increasing confidence in women is so important in today's society.


Who says you can't wear certain things because your' re not thin enough, sexy enough, tall enough, light enough, I refuse to listen to the voice of society because I AM ENOUGH and so are you!

Join me on my journey of self love, self-acceptance, and letting the world know.




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